Zakopane, Polonia

``Think @bout yourself``
Intercambio juvenil, 2 - 10 noviembre 2019

Buscamos participantes para un intercambio juvenil que se realizará en Zakopane, Polonia, del 2 al 10 de noviembre de 2019. También habrá una visita preparatoria del 3 al 5 de octubre de 2019 a la que una persona deberá acudir.

La información remitida por la entidad organizadora es la siguiente:

The “Think @bout yourself” project is dedicated to 36 people from 4 European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece) in the age range from 15 to 25 years old. The project was written in connection with the dangerous and growing phenomenon of violence in the Internet space. According to statistical data from the European Parliament “Cyberbulling among Young” from 2016, cyberbullying is the cause of many negative phenomena in our society. Acting proactively, we want to make young Europeans aware of what cyberbullying is and what its forms are. The order of the activities we discuss is well thought out During the course of our activity at the beginning, we will discuss exactly what cyberbullying is and describe what its forms are. After discussing and analyzing a movie about cyberbullying based on real facts, we will define the problem. Next, we will focus on defining who is the victim of cyberbullying. During the course, participants will learn techniques of dealing with difficult emotions, find out where they can look for help and how to deal with such a situation. They will also receive knowledge and tips on how to help those around them who have been affected by cyberbullying. Another day will be dedicated to the perpetrator of cyberbullying. We will discuss exactly who a person who uses violence on the Internet can be, how you can help her. Thanks to the workshops on dealing with such emotions as aggression or anger, participants will understand that they do not have to use violence on the Internet, and with difficult emotions can be dealt with. In addition, the participants will learn how to help themselves if we use violence on the Internet and how to help a person who, as we know, can apply such violence. Thanks to workshops and exercises with the “book”, participants will be able to share their stories or experiences related to cyberbullying in an atmosphere of security and mutual respect. As part of the project, we want participants to organize a flash mob in the city center on cyberbullying, thus drawing the attention of the local community to this problem. In addition, they will also create a blog about cyberbullying in English, which every person in online space can use. As part of the activity, we plan to educate the participants on what activities the European Union is taking as part of cyberbullying as well as making participants aware of how the law in their countries about this phenomenon works. As part of our activities, we also planned a meeting with an educator who will tell you how we can protect the youngest people on the Internet. The participants will also learn how to properly protect their privacy on the Internet. In addition to solving issues related to cyberbullying, as part of our project, we want to discuss exactly what the Erasmus + program is and what tools can be used for its own development, thanks to the opportunities created by the European Union. The expected effects are the increase in the awareness of project participants about the problem under discussion. We hope that thanks to our efforts and cooperation of all participants, participants will know how to deal with cyberbullying in each case. The duality that we used, that is, the consideration of the problem from the point of view of the victim and the perpetrator, allows for a broader understanding of this phenomenon and to consistently, wisely and honestly prevent it. We also want to draw the attention of the local community to this problem by organizing a flash mob. By creating a blog in which participants will describe possible methods of actions and solutions, the effects of our activities will be able to reach a very wide audience. By showing participants the possible methods of solutions, we expect that in the long term knowledge and awareness will contribute to reducing cyber violence, a conscious and skilful approach to the problem and, consequently, to reducing its negative consequences.

Los países participantes serán: Rumanía, España, Grecia y Polonia.

Si estás interesadx, en esta página puedes encontrar el infopack y el formulario de inscripción. Si tienes alguna pregunta, no dudes en contactar con nosotras.



  • Tener un nivel de inglés medio
  • Tener interés por internet
  • Residir en España
  • Tener más de 15 años
  • Disponer de la tarjeta sanitaria europea

Obligaciones de los participantes:

  • Participación activa (Incluyendo gestión rápida del proceso).
  • Asistencia a la formación antes de la salida (presencial o vía Skype).
  • Pago de cuota de participación (no reembolsable).
  • 10 horas de voluntariado con Las Niñas del Tul.
  • Pago de los vuelos por adelantado (La cantidad se abonará una vez el proyecto finalice) y en un plazo de máximo 10 días tras haber sido seleccionadx.
  • Enviar una noticia con fotos de manera individual antes, durante y después de la actividad.
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