Restarting up – Italy

From November 22nd to November 30th, our NGO Las niñas del tul took part in the Training Course “Restarting Up!”, promoted and granted by the European commission through the Erasmus+ program.

Main aim of the Training Course “Restarting up!” has been to provide 24 youth workers coming from 8 European countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Croatia, Romania and Poland), knowledge, skills and tools to enable them to facilitate the exchange of best practices and to contribute to the growth of social business / projects initiated by disadvantaged youth.

Through a training course of 7 working days our Youth Workers acquired information and materials related to the creation of social plans / projects, models to develop skills to adapt methods to the disadvantaged young people’s profile and community needs; presentations and argumentation skills; evaluated the situations in which they can implement social policies, were able to apply non-formal methods for supporting / presenting the created proposals, identified new working platforms / methods that support social entrepreneurship; know-how.

More in general, the whole frame of this projectwas set up for the development of our youth worker’ skills in non-formal education with young people with low opportunities and the creation of  methods for labor market inclusion.

Specific objectives of the training course were:

1.Improving the know-how in the social entrepreneurship of 24 youth workers, through exchange of best practices during 7 days of training;

2.Increase no. projects  / social businesses (involving disadvantaged young people), through the formation of 24 youth workers in entrepreneurial skills / European funds, as well as through financing consultancy, during 10 months;

3.Developing the organizational capacity of the partners through exchange of best practices and international cooperation, promotion and dissemination of the created materials and specific activities (workshops), during 10 months.

Thanks to Erasmus+ and Young Effect for this amazing experience!