Dissemination activity. Youth Exchange “Sexual Health for Youth”

24 - 2 of December, 2019

After the Youth Exchange “Sexual Health for Youth”, part of the Erasmus + projects, in Drama, Greece, we were asked for a local activity in our country Spain, for concluding the learning process of the project. As these events are part of non-formal education, one of the most important parts on the road for learning is the personal aim of getting new information on the topic developed, not only for becoming skilled on it, but also for gaining the ability of being comprehensive and empathetic while sharing your knowledge and hearing the things other ones can share with you. We have to take into account that our perspective towards a topic is never objective, country, culture, age… many factors have an impact on how you behave towards the same thing, and that is why we decided to develop this format of research.

We are a heterogeneous group, with different genders, environment, culture, ethnics, sexual orientation… and due to that we realized that the best way of showing a representative point of view of the topic in our country was creating this survey. More than one hundred people took part on int, diverse people, with different life contexts, exactly the same as in our country. Men, women, non-defined gender people… we tried to get as much different realities as possible, and to make questions with not a good or bad answer, just an answer, and here are the results.

Here you can find the document with the results 🙂

Also, check the final video of the activity!