Experiencia Carmen. Armenia.

Road to change was a project that taught me the importance of culture in all its aspects when approaching a social problem.

I learned to use video technology to raise awareness. We had teachers from Tumo which is an amazing education center.

Tumo is founded privately by US-Armenian expats and it focus in approche children to technology.

It was surprising there, the resources were quite impressive, specially when you realize they can access for free.

All children between 10/12 to 18 could enroll and they even had program for children in rural areas.

Now they are expanding to different countries so I am delighted to see it in another cities.

Taking back our creative project, we shoot different social advertisements. I worked with waste management and awareness.

We record a video that combines the first impression when asking a simple question about management and the solution these people may think.

I am happy that I have been able to experience this project.