Experiencia de Cristina, Rosa y Diana. GIVELAB. Belgium, 2022.

¡Buenos días!

Nuestras participantes Diana, Rosa y Cristina han participado en el seminario GIVELAB en Bélgica, del 24 al 28 de octubre de 2022. Aquí dejamos información sobre el seminario y también, algunas palabras de las participantes 🙂

An interdisciplinary seminar against gender-based violence!

📚 On the first day, Marine Pansu, a gender specialist, run an interactive lecture workshop on gender stereotypes, rape culture, and privileges. 

During the workshop participants learnt how to develop a comprehensive policy against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

🎭 On the second day; using the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed, presented by Claudia Signoretti, participants experienced the emotions and problems of women and Queer people in dailylife situations. 

Activists of CRIBLE, a feminist and Queer Belgian NGO, introduced and discussed to participants the vocabulary within the LGBTIQ+ community and its spectrum. 

💜 On the last day; Feyza Akınerdem, a gendered violence expert, shared the current situation of women in Turkey and the mechanisms of domination used against girls and women.

This seminar explored the project’s topic with speakers from different sectors: non formal education, social sciences, art, and activists from different organisations. 

See you in France in 2023!

More than ever, we, GIVE-Lab partners and participants have renewed our drive to fight for a just and free-of-gender violence  International Voluntary Service movement. Based on the exchanges of knowledge and practices, we are happy to announce that we will once again reunite in a 5-day international laboratory in France to create an educational tool kit based on the outcomes of this seminar in February 2023.

Por aquí, unas palabras de Diana sobre la experiencia:

Give lab in Liége (Belgium) for me was a way to be aware of many things: first I learnt that many things affect me in a way that maybe I couldn’t think months, even years ago, but also it affects many woman in the world; second I learnt many new concepts about gender and different ways of express our feelings and our love; also I realized how sexist social media is and how it affects to women, but also men; I have known different people and associations who work to have a more equality society and they thought me so many things about diversity and how to fight against discrimination; and I felt myself free to express by acting throw theatre of the oppressor.
I learnt and enjoyed in equal parts and this experience has contributed to me to continue growing personally and professionally.

Y por aquí, palabras de Rosa

Being part of this seminar within the Give-lab project has enriched me in different ways. Thanks to it, I have managed to establish a large part of the content related to the concept of gender itself. It is of vital importance, today, to know and examine the different mechanisms that the system has to oppress us and get benefit, concepts such as biopolitics are decisive to understand how it works as well as the society in which we live and the consequences it has on our behaviour.
During this seminar, various tools have been used to consolidate knowledge, so it has been equally enjoyable and enriching