Experiencia equipo español. Not for everyone.

Last August we did a really special youth exchange in Estonia for 10 days, and we would like to share with you this amazing experience. The main goal of the project was to raise awareness about sustainability through non-formal activities, which included different types of workshops, exercises, debates, team-building games, role-play games, simulations and outdoor activities. We also visited different eco-farms and one youth center, in which we organized workshops for some local teenagers.

Another important objective in the project was the development of organisational skills. In fact, all the participants shared the role of facilitator or teacher, because every national team was responsible for planning and leading some workshops. Thanks to this methodology, we have practised a lot of soft skills during the exchange, such as creativity, team working or public speech.

The promotion of intercultural dialogue between young people was another key point in the project. We were 25 youngsters from Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain, and we learned a lot about the different countries and cultures during the project. It’s always useful and inspiring to see what they are doing in other countries in order to reduce our ecological footprint and consumerism.

Probably the most interesting part of the project was that we were biking and sleeping in a different place almost every day. We started the project in Tallin and then we took a train to southern Estonia, where we rented bikes for a few days and we slept in different cottages in the middle of nature. Thanks to this, we have been able to discover the stunning Estonian countryside and to enjoy our free time in countless forests, lakes and saunas. We will never forget the freedom we felt biking together across such a breathtaking landscape.

The Spanish team